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Kristi A. (Fargo, ND - North Dakota)
"Hi Terri, I hope all is well and I wanted to give you an update on Von. He is a great dog!!!! He is really maturing nicely and is great with the kids. He loves to play football and hockey with my daughter. His job is to take the puck/ball away and the kids chase him all over and he loves it. He loves going to Club Fido when we go out of town, which is this awesome kennel where he gets to run around with other dogs all day. He is still getting use to not being able to play with every dog he sees, so he has a hard time at pet smart and other places that he has to be on lead. He is VERY smart, the smartest Dob out of the 3 others I have had. One of the trainers said that he is the prettiest Dob he has ever seen. He said that geneticly he is put together beautifully. Last weekend was his first weekend at the lake cabin. He loved it, but it was a little cold for him yet. I can tell, come summer, he is going to be chasing birds and chipmunks all day. He is very vocal and thinks he needs to tell us whatever he wants. Anyway, just wanted to update you and say that a lot of people have asked me where he came from because he is such a beautiful, kind dog. Thank you."
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Kris M. (St. Paul, MN - Minnesota)
"Terri, Thank you so much, we just love him. I've actually been asked a few times if I show him. He is beautiful."
Doberman Pinscher, Owners Testimonials, photo pictures.

Sheri S. (Fargo, ND - North Dakota)
"Dear Terri and Family, I just want to let you know how grateful we all are that you helped us through the rough patch at the beginning. If it weren't for your help, we wouldn't have Bender, who is a priceless addition to our family. Here are some great pictures of the little boy. He surely is a character and a wonderful boy. Bender is currently working on Agility and hopes to compete in 1 to 2 years! That is if he can get some rear end awareness!!! Thanks so much for everything."
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Linda C.(Twin Cities, MN - Minnesota)
"Hi Terri, Here are a couple goofie pics of our doberman pinscher girls. One thinks she is a trucker, and the other just wants her belly scratched. Thanks, Linda."
Doberman MN, Minnesota, Doberman Pinscher.

Skip C.(Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota)
"Terri, Just a note to tell you that Mandy is doing great. We had her spayed two weeks ago and everything went fine. She is getting really big, already almost 60 pounds. She gets along very well with Banjo our Beagle. Thanks, Skip."
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Sharon E.(Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota)
"Hi Terri, Just wanted to let you know that Addicus is doing great! He is already 40 lbs. and growing every day. I get many many compliments and some looks/questions because of his taped ears. He goes to obedience training and once a week to puppy daycare so he can play with other pups. Here's a pic of him about 2 weeks ago."
Doberman Pics, Addicus.

Abbi A.(Minneapolis, MN - Minnesota)
"Hello Terri, I think 5 years ago I got Seti from you. I was the young woman who was getting her first dog for protection. Seti's now 5 and I just love her. That first year was hell, she chewed EVERYTHING!!! but I loved her. Now, we just love her! love love love her. Thank you for bringing Seti into my life."
Doberman Pics, Seti.

Sara A.(Saint Paul, MN - Minnesota)
"Hi Terri, We just wanted to tell you that Skylla, the doberman puppy we purchased from you in April 2007, is doing just great. At first we were a little disappointed because we were unable to show Skylla due to her ears being flawed, but Skylla more than made up for it with her flawless personality. She is our pride and joy. She is obedient, gentle, loving, affectionate, and loyal. We would not trade her for the world. I attached some pictures. I thought you might want to see how she is doing. Thanks, Sara."
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Donna V.(Bizmark, ND - North Dakota)
"Terri, She is the greatest puppy. Here are a couple of pictures. Isn't she the cutest?!? Yes she is spoiled rotten, but if you ask her, I am sure she will tell you that it is a very demanding job to get spoiled. She is doing great, Donna."
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